UFC 289 Features: Nunes declares retirement with record sixteenth win; Oliveira KOs Dariush; full battle results


A windy early takedown for Nunes. Nunes has hauled Aldana towards the enclosure and keeps on nailing her in a hold to the ground. A free whirlwind of strikes to the body from Nunes. Aldana is using up all available time as Nunes totally rules the game on the ground in this round.

Enormous elbow from Nunes followed by a right snare from Aldana. One more takedown from Nunes however she neglects to capitalize on it, stopping to slow down and rest. Aldana is attempting to force any huge danger right now and is tightening constantly. Nunes handles some wrath swipes, left and right snares striking Aldana. An elbow and a low kick to follow. There’s no time left for Aldana. Unadulterated control from the hero before the break.

Calm beginning as Nunes Aldana actually battle from inside with a feeling of watchfulness. Aldana jumps forward and Nunes gets her into a high knee. A short thrive and takedown for Nunes before the bell breaks.

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