Ladies’ cricket: India newbie Minnu Mani experiences the glow

Minnu Mani

As a student, she needed to play the game without her folks knowing. Presently, the ancestral player is the toast of Kerala’s Wayanad and then some.
For Kerala cricketer Minnu Mani, life has ended up back at square one. Inside the range of a couple of months, the 24-year-old all-rounder has encountered different feelings. Hailing from the Kurichiya clan in Wayanad, Mani not just turned into the main player from the state to be essential for the debut Ladies’ Chief Association (WPL) after Delhi Capitals got her for ₹30 lakh, yet in addition made her fruitful India T20 debut against Bangladesh last month.
What makes Mani profound is the adoration she has been getting from individuals of Wayanad since she snatched the spotlight as an India cricketer and how guardians are presently egging on their girls to take up cricket and continue in the strides of Mani.

“I needed to confront reaction from society as well as my folks when I showed interest in cricket. Until eighth norm, my folks didn’t realize I was subtly playing nearby matches. I was supposed to study and work in the paddy fields and help my folks in cultivating.

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